“Where great pastries meet great coffee.”


A sophisticated small café you’d expect to see in downtown Toronto located in the heart of Richmond Hill’s dining hub. Duo Patisserie is a clean local café that was inspired by the story and celebration of friendship of the two owners Rocky and Eric, hence “Duo”.



I wasn’t surprised to see that Duo Patisserie café was bustling with customers from morning till closing as it’s one of the few downtown-esque cafes that is located uptown in the Richmond Hill area. Wise location choice in my honest opinion as it’s nice to have something available to locals without having to trek to North York or get stuck on the Don Valley Parkway on the way to downtown Toronto. We arrived early afternoon and the chefs were still baking fresh goodies although be warned that if you arrive too late in the afternoon, there won’t be anything left! I think they stop baking closer to closing and just part out whatever goodies are remaining. However, I do believe there is an option to call ahead of time and reserve so you can pick up same day.
We ordered the famous Mont Blanc which is a chestnut cake and is one of their best-selling items on the menu. The Mont Blanc is visually appealing and looks almost like a little swirly tower. It’s not very sweet but has a rich and velvety chestnut taste. The second item we ordered was the Raspberry Pistachio cake which is my personal favourite. It is creamy, airy and light with a pistachio filling and deliciously crunchy crust. The contrast between the raspberries and pistachio cream is beautiful and vibrant, this is clearly my bias. The third item we ordered was the Matcha Green Latte – this is also yummy! The matcha is present but not overpowering and for someone who has such a sweet tooth, the latte itself doesn’t require much sugar or additional toppings. The latte comes with a leafy design formed by the foam and matcha powder, be sure to wipe your mouth with a napkin as you’ll probably have a mix of green-white mustache (speaking from personal experience)!
It should go without saying that we have ventured to Duo on more than one occasion and have tried more of their selection of treats! The Apple Croissant has a nice flaky finish and the apples are very thinly sliced seasoned with cinnamon and compliment the texture of the croissant. The Hazlenut cake is a rich, decadent and luxurious chocolate cake with a crispy hazelnut crust.






Overall, I’d say that Duo has mastered the ability to make their treats both beautifully stunning, luxurious and tasty. It’s not often that you’d find something that is able to make food look good AND taste good! The location is pretty much the icing on the cake, for people like myself who live uptown and don’t want to drive to North York or downtown for a nice café – this is your answer! It’s very clean and on few occasions that I visited the café, we were always pleasantly greeted by the staff.
Price – the treats are reasonably priced but I wouldn’t say they’re cheap or super affordable. For a set of two mini-pastries (all pastries are mini sized priced at approximately $6, unless you go for the larger cakes) and a latte came up to a total of just under $20. So if your intention is to try more than one item, be prepared to spend at least over $20-$30. Either way though, I think you get high-quality pastries for the price you pay – much more affordable than going for afternoon tea.

The next time you’re craving to spoil your taste buds a little and to give yourself a fancy treat, definitely recommend swinging over to this lovely French-inspired café located in Richmond Hill.


Duo Patisserie Café
230 Commerce Valley Drive East, Markham, ON L3T 7Y3
(905) 763-2232