NCSoft officially announced the release of Blade and Soul (BnS) with it’s Closed Beta Test (CBT) this fall and expected full release the winter of 2015.

After receiving the email on May 20 at 1:04 PM EST, I literally had an out of body experience. My eyes refused to believe what they had seen… I quickly checked the Sender of the email to make sure it wasn’t spam, low and behold it was ACTUALLY from NCSoft. WHAT? Ever since the last known post by NCSoft regarding the supposed “launch” of BnS in December 2013, Team Bloodlust pretty much went off the face of the planet. They probably could have handled their players with better care by giving some sort of communication of the progress/plans, etc. Many of us endured painfully long anticipating any news, hope or signs of potential release. I signed petitions to support the release, I lurked the threads on Blade and Soul Dojo (which, by the way, is an awesome resource and fan site for BnS) religiously and found myself empathising with the common frustration of many other followers. New hope was sparked whenever unrelated news was reported and I desperately tried to find some sort of link to BnS coming to the West… and of course, I miserably failed to do so.

I’ll be honest, I waited long and hard and almost gave up on hoping and wishing for the West release.. Until now. THANK YOU NCSoft for listening to your eager players and followers. There are some mixed feelings where players waited too long and eventually lost interest but there are still some players like myself that are super stoked for the release and making my Jin Assassin – OMG! I was fortunate enough that I was able to  play BnS CN with the help of an English patch but of course the gameplay was limited to only understanding what was translated. Not to mention the ridiculously high ping that would make playing at times unbearable.

On the Live Stream, the team showcased character creation, user interface, basic skills, combat and general world roaming. After playing BnS China (CN), I can say that not much has changed aside from the naming convention of the Kun race to Jun. In a nutshell, the uncensored version of BnS will be releasing in the West (surprise surprise, I was almost convinced we would receive a censored version) while the team has also promised that they will keep the essence of the game original, including all of the doboks and potentially add some hairs/designs. Instead of altering the content entirely, the team has mentioned that they will be providing “context” for players instead so that certain aspects of the game make more sense. Yay!

All in all, I’m VERY excited for this release and will definitely be waiting patiently until the next update/release. NCSoft, you’ve won me over again, please do it right this time – my faith has been restored!

For more information visit the official Blade and Soul website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

Thanks for reading!