We had the pleasure to secure keys to the Tree of Savior (ToS) 2nd Closed Beta Test (CBT) – read our thoughts below!

Aside from the few glitches here and there, the game itself did not disappoint. It was a little inconvenient that we were not able to fully explore all of the features of the game (creating and inviting party members, adding friends, etc), however these types of issues are expected when you’re part of any CBT. In any case, we’ve highlighted some of our thoughts and opinions of ToS based on our experience into a few sections:



Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple 2D graphics, ToS has a surprisingly interactive playstyle. It is compatible with both the gamepad controller (Xbox One) or the standard keyboard and mouse so you have the option to choose. The UI settings and shortcuts will change depending on your method of gaming. Personally, it was my first time using a gamepad controller for a PC game and so initially it felt awkward using the hotkeys but I adjusted over time. If you opt for the gamepad route, you’ll still need to use your mouse to navigate around the UI. For example, adding skill/stat points and completing a purchase from the NPC, etc.

The bosses are unique and have special abilities and skills that will affect your battle scene. For example, bosses that have AoE abilities will flash in red before it will hit or target that specific area. You’ve got to keep yourself on your toes and constantly be on the move! The game offers a “smart-targeting” system that automatically locks onto targets within range and you also have the option to lock onto the target which will allow you to move without losing focus. For example, if you’re an archer, you can lock onto your target and walk backgrounds while kiting the enemy. I found this useful, however this only applies to the archer class and it did not work with the Wizard.



This feature of the game definitely takes the cake. The ability for players to truly customize their character’s end-game kit and skill tree is worth applauding. There are 4 basic classes: Wizard, Cleric, Swordsman and Archer. Of the 4 basic classes, players can branch out into other subclasses. Once your job level has hit 15, you can change your job to either one of the subclasses or you can master your current class. There are a total of 80 classes in total so while you are leveling your character you can choose what skills you want to focus on, build and take that with you to your end-game. This means that although you and your friend both end up with the same job, your skills and how you got there may be completely different.



ToS is one of those games that you can choose to either play solo or to plough through in a party. We noticed that you can pretty much solo most of the game without much difficulty. There are plenty of fields NPCs with side quests that you can complete for EXP coupons that will help with leveling, but like most MMORPGs there is definitely a grind element to the game. Sadly, we didn’t have the luxury of time to level our characters very far but after a while we had to grind or party with higher level players to complete dungeon and continue with the story mode quest.



We personally thought the quest system was a bit unclear. Perhaps it was the dialogue or our misinterpretation but we found ourselves at a loss of what needed to get done for a few quests. On the plus side, the game features a warping system which allows players to warp directly back to the NPC or area to turn-in your quest once you’ve satisfied the requirements. This feature will only work if you’ve returning to an NPC but it will not warp you to a new NPC or undiscovered region. We did encounter a few glitches in the quest system that prevented us from completing or turning in a quest and resorted to recreating the character so we could continue.



The game seems promising and we’re sure once it is released, it will be a fun and interesting game to play either solo, with friends or with fellow ToS players! Although the graphics and soundtrack resembles the original Ragnarok, ToS is a completely different game in itself.

We look forward to the release of ToS on Steam in the New Year!