For all you Maplers, it was announced earlier this month that the official Maplestory 2 release will be made in Korea on July 7, 2015 with a level cap of 30 for the initial release. WOOHOO! Which means we’re probably 854930284023 years away from getting the NA release.. (hint of sarcasm.. but not really T^T)

Players were given access to the server starting as early as May 31 to log in game and create a character. I was able to log onto the game and test out the character creation before the official Korean release. My initial thoughts were that I was impressed with the customization elements of the game such as changing the length and direction of your hair however this seemed more prevalent for the female character creation (surprise surprise..) I did feel the customizing abilities for male character creation was a little bit lacking in comparison to the female counterpart, which could be mainly attributed to the fact that the female characters have different hair styles that create the opportunity.

Overall, I do feel that just by looking at the character customization in MapleStory 2, it’s a huge improvement compared to it’s predecessor. There are even more features in-game that allow players to customize clothing, landscaping and MORE! It reminds me of Animal Crossing: New Leaf whereby players have more control over changing how things look and playing around with the environment and getting those creative juices flowing!

Below is a quick preview of some I was able to toggle around with:


As you can see there is quite selection of styles for players to choose from during the default character creation. This allows players to begin differentiating their avatars before hitting up the cash shop and grind through the game. Again, I’m crazy about customizing my character so if I have any chance to differentiate myself I’m all for it!

Anyhow I’m super psyched to try this game out as I grew up with MapleStory and watched it evolve over the years. My love for the game seemed to fade but MapleStory 2 does seem promising! Will definitely try this game out once it’s released and will post a gameplay video.

Stay tuned!!