If you couldn’t tell that I have an undying love for Blade and Soul.. I went ahead and started a series called Blade and Soul Adventures. The series features some random game play and quick walkthrough the world of Blade and Soul. The videos are recorded from the Blade and Soul CN server with an English patch applied so I apologize in advance if some of the direct translations are not 100% correct as I cannot read Chinese characters! Anyhow, I’m sure the titles of the maps/regions and even skills may be subject to change with the NA/EU release. This post will be continuously updated with the recent videos as Justin and I continue to progress throughout the game. Hope you enjoy!



Episode 2: PvP = RAGE?! / Datpingdoe ಠ_ಠ 

Episode 3: That Beach Body

Episode 4: Baby Come Back!

Episode 5: Ride Together. Die Together.

More videos to come, please stay tuned.

Until next time… Caio!