If you know me personally, you’d know that I prefer food that has the quantity factor down, and of course, quality is always a bonus. Being raised in a household that always quoted “get your monies worth” has shaped me into a person who would probably prefer Japanese AYCE versus the standard a la carte. Sadly, most AYCE sushi restaurants that I’ve been to has never really achieved both the quantity and the quality.. until I discovered Syogun Sushi Bar. Personally it’s my AYCE sushi restaurant of choice whenever I’m craving to eat a days worth of sushi and maki rolls.

I know what you’re thinking, there’s tons of great Japanese cuisine that you can get in North York, downtown Toronto and so on so fourth – what makes this one any better? WELL, firstly the restaurant is located nearby my residence in the Markham area AND of course the food tastes great. Syogun is probably one of the few Japanese AYCE restaurants that are able to hit the mark on both quantity and quality. I’d hate to generalize but in comparison to my other experiences with similar restaurants elsewhere is that in most cases you get lots of food that are of mediocre quality. Since I discovered Syogun, it’s been my go-to AYCE Japanese cuisine and I’ve never really had to turn to going the a la carte route unless I’m craving specific Japanese dishes.



The food is fresh and has been consistently tasty since I first started going to Syogun about 3 years ago. I know of a few places, which I shall not mention, that were inconsistent and tasted great “sometimes” and has even led to food poisoning or upset stomachs the next day or so – I can say I have not yet experienced this from Syogun. Pricing is average in comparison to other similar restaurants. I do know that the pricing is the same on weekends and holidays as I’ve been here on both Christmas and Canada Day, etc. I wouldn’t score exceptionally high on the presentation. I mean it’s not like you’ll get a fish carved out of ice on your plate, have flowers made out of ginger or fancy presentation plates. So if you’re more about plating then you should probably looks elsewhere as I’ve been to other restaurants that have excellent presentation skills but didn’t score as highly on the food quality. See for yourself with the pictures attached:

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All in all, I’d say Syogun is my restaurant of choice mainly for being able to provide great quantity without compromising the food quality. I’m not all about fancy presentation and more about if the food looks good and fresh, tastes great and doesn’t make me regret it hours later (if you know what I mean). If you’re in the Markham/Richmond Hill area, I would definitely recommend giving this a go and let us know what you think!


Syogun Sushi Bar

8261 Woodbine Ave

L3R 8Z5, Markham, Ontario