After graduating from University and building my first legitimate gaming computer that actually had a legit dedicated video card, gaming has taken a new spin for me. Basically, when I’m not at work or doing chores around the house, 99% of my free time is spent playing video games. Having a computer that doesn’t lag when I play “more” graphic-intense MMORPGs is great, but at the same time this doesn’t resolve the inability to play North American versions of these games (or dealing with excruciatingly high ping).

I’ve been following Steparu intently as it has been a great resource for up and coming MMORPGs. Most of the games are not originally developed in North America and therefore have a slim chance of being published and reproduced in the West – and if so, it’ll be released MANY years later. I recently started playing Blade and Soul (BnS) China, but it’s a bit of a love hate relationship. Being able to play the game is rewarding enough but the terribly high ping seriously interferes with the gameplay. Thankfully enough an English patch was developed for players such as myself who aren’t able to read Chinese text and so I was able to make it far enough in the game to learn more about the story (which, by the way, follows a very cinematic style).

Anyhow, past all my blabbering some of my most anticipated MMORPGs (not in any particular order) are as follows:

**Credits to Steparu’s informative site and videos.

I fell in love with this game 2 years ago when I saw the gameplay posted on YouTube and I can say after playing the game – it definitely did not disappoint. The graphics and the artwork are simply stunning! The action and combat style is definitely a key selling point for me. I’ve had my fair share of playing countless MMO’s and I can truly say that the gameplay is amazing! There is some “grind-work” involved and there’s A LOT of dungeon hopping but from my experience, any MMO has a grinding element. Although many have commented on how “small” the world feels, personally I prefer having less empty space to run through when travelling between towns in contrast to other MMO’s such as Tera which I feel the world is TOO big. Yes, it’s probably  because I’m too cheap to purchase teleportation services that I resort to galloping away on my noble stead from town to town and island to island. Anyhow, even if this game were released in NA years later, I would still play it. For now, I am happy playing BnS China thanks to the English patch from RareElites.

I followed NCSoft (the publisher for Blade and Soul NA) for quite some time when I discovered they were working on a release of Blade and Soul in North America, however, to my dismay (and I’m sure to the many other North American gamers) I haven’t seen any updates or progress on this “release”. So I guess its safe to say that when and if it actually does get released, it may be in the distant future and by then, I’m sure I will have maxed my level on BnS China.. for all classes!

UPDATE: With Blade and Soul’s release just around the corner, check out my post about The Blade and Soul Experience here!


Black Desert Online has amazingly realistic graphics and features that I’ve never thought would be implemented in an MMORPG. For instance, you can milk a cow and “learn” horse-back riding..WHAT? Although it sounds completely random it’s these exact features that make this a distinct MMORPG and really make you feel like you are “living” in the game. Other features include weathering and armor effects whereby your armor actually degrades/gets damaged (and, for all you action/violence lovers, it can even get covered in blood depending on how many battles/fights you engage in.) In any case, in my personal opinion this game is definitely something worth waiting – it looks like it takes MMO’s to the next level.

Steparu did mention that there is allegedly a plan for a NA release by publisher DAUM. When? I’m not sure, but I really hope they follow through with this quote on quote, “release”. Black Desert is currently in CBT2 but with rumours of a release in NA, I’m hoping they will stick to the plan and won’t forget about NA gamers. There are too many reasons why I am excited for this game to write in this post, you’ll have to see the videos for yourself! 


Yes, I was a Mapler and I STILL am a Mapler… 10 years later. I was a die-hard Mapler not too long ago until I realized the NX I spent on the game was a black hole. The amount of money I invested into buying coupons to randomly change my face/hair until I got the “perfect” Royal look was RIDICULOUS. The bigger problem was that I didn’t realize how much “real” money (yes, not mesos) was spent on changing the aesthetic elements of my character until I created a Nexon spending Excel spreadsheet and aggregated the dollars spent… Crazy? YES. Well, good news, eventually the game just seemed repetitive and I felt that my loyalty was fading (or my wallet just slapped some sense into me), until I saw the MS2 trailer. My faith in Maplestory might actually be restored with this release. It has always been that cute MMORPG and with 3D graphics, heck, why wouldn’t I be excited? The amount of character customization and user created content is what’s really keeping me interested. It’s unfortunate that North America releases are always delayed, but it’s been rumored that we should look forward for it’s NA release in 2015/2016.


I am mainly sold on the graphics of this game… it’s beautiful and the aerial attack feature is awesome! From the videos I’ve seen, the gameplay is not as action intense as I would have preferred but the fact that you can freely tame monsters (bears and even dragons :o) to become your mounts is a pretty cool feature. There’s also aerial combat where you can fight/shoot while riding your flying mount (be it dragon, giant bird or something that looked like it stepped out of Jurassic park). Initial impressions from what I’ve watched thus far is that this game is gorgeous graphics wise but it doesn’t satisfy my gaming needs as far as action-packed, ka-pow-pow-punch-jump-flippity-flip-flip adventure. To be honest, of out the games listed above, this one is probably lower on my list. BUT hey, it I had an opportunity to play this game in NA, I’d take it!

Now before I jump into why I’m excited for Tree of Savior (ToS), let me give you some context…

As a long time Ragnarok fan, when I came across Tree of Savior it was a truly nostalgic moment. Anyone who was a previous Ragnarok (RO) junkie like myself would remember those intense War of Emperium (WoE) battles, chatting with guild members, PvPs and farming for custom items (shout out to the Valkyrie helm :D). RO was probably one of my first MMORPG’s I ever played back in grade school and it was one of those die-hard games that I enjoyed for many years to come. At the time, Ragnarok was exclusively a pay to play game and so I joined several private servers to get my fix of Ragnarok. Even now, I would say RO had so many features, custom items, events, world exploration.. even years later I can say it was really an awesome game. Although the graphics may have been lacking in the visual department, the world itself was incredible. I remember exploring areas of the world, marking down the coordinates and warping/teleporting there with friends as a hang-out spot. Anyhow, needless to say I grew out of the game eventually after maxing all character of every possible class and once I had learned that RO2 was in the works I suppose I was anticipating it’s release. Sadly though, years later I never saw the release of RO2 and so I moved onto other games.

In the recent years, I managed to try RO2 and sadly it just didn’t live up to my expectations of what I thought it would be. I figured it would be a 3D version of the game I loved and held so dearly but the experience itself really isn’t what I hoped for.. either that or maybe I just grew old and tired of RO itself and craved something more graphically intense with crazy combat. Anyways, all in all my love for RO ceased to exist again.. until I discovered ToS.

ToS apparently isn’t anything like RO. Although the graphics, style, animations, music and classes remind me so much of what I loved in RO apparently it should not be compared to RO. I’ve read online that players should remove the mentality of hoping to relive their Ragnarok moments in ToS as it will just destroy the game – it’s completely different! Moving on, when ToS achieved it’s Greenlight status on Steam for it’s North American release (can read the post here), my interest peaked again once more. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t intrigued by this game for the reason of Ragnarok, but I am still very interested in experiencing the gameplay, story and classes. For more information check out Tree of Savior and ToS Fan Base which is a helpful resource to learn about the different classes (it’s insane!)

I could probably blab on about these games, but all in all these are entirely my own opinions of what I would like to see released in North America. There may and may not be any plans to be released here so until then, I can only dream of a NA release, move to Asia or deal with annoyingly high ping.. If there are any developers/publishers reading this post, I speak on behalf of many other eager NA gamers.. don’t forget about us!

I’d love to hear about some of your most anticipated games, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!