WORTHYLIST was born out of the desire to share information and knowledge about all things wonderful.. and yes, not so wonderful. Today, we live in a world of consumption where we’re constantly consuming social media, food, products and pretty much everything. As consumers ourselves, we hope to bring you a wealth of knowledge about everything and anything. We feel it’s important to be informed so we can make those right decisions or “better” decisions. With better packaging and marketing catchphrases, we’ll take a look beyond the packaging and fancy visuals giving you our candid thoughts. Of course, everything written on WORTHYLIST is based on our own opinions and experiences with purpose of helping you decide whether something is worthy or not so worthy of your time, money and attention.

We hope that WORTHYLIST will be considered your growing database of all things including but not limited to: gaming, food, entertainment, technology, beauty and more! This is a work in progress but should you have any suggestions or business inquiries please contact us through our Contact page.

The content on WORTHYLIST is co-written produced by us, Justin and Kelly, Canadians living in Toronto who want to share our experiences about the things we encounter and use day by day.